RJM V - Brisbane AU

Alicia Lane Ring
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RJM V - Brisbane AU

Okay, so the koalas weren't discussing Radical Jewellery Makeover - Brisbane, Australia, but many people were.

Christina Miller and Susie Ganch travelled to Australia for RJM V in Brisbane. The project took place at Queensland College of Art (QCA) Griffith University with the exhibition opening at Artisan Gallery.The project was Kicked Off by a symposium organized by Elizabeth Shaw, Convenor Jewellery and Small Objects at QCA. As keynote speakers for the Second Green Jewellery Symposium, RJM co-directors had the opportunity to join their voices with an informed line up of speakers.Design theorist and philosopher, Tony Fry talked about forward thinking design strategies while jewellers Kim Thompson and Clare Poppi, discussed their studio practices and how they integrate responsible materials as well as creating jewelry that does little harm or even benefits the environment.Both Kim and Clare participated in the week of work that began after this informative, community-building event. Throughout the week Christina and Susie were impressed with students from QCA especially because of their knowledge of mining issues and material sourcing.

Radical Jewelry Makeover, Jewellery, Renata Fojtikova, Susie WoodhouseRJM-Brisbane, Australia resulted in a new opportunity for the project's values to continue being explored even after the dust settled after a frenzied week. In order to address controversial metal and gemstone sourcing issues a grant was set up using a portion of the proceeds raised through jewellery sales at Artisan. QCA's Jewellery and Small Objects program received this grant specifically for student research investigating responsible jewellery projects enabling Ethical Metalsmiths to guarantee that ongoing research would take place.

The impressive attendance at the opening exhibition was a great reward for all of the hard work invested by the jewellers and the organizers of the project. Artisan was full of festive, celebratory energy and the staff at the register managed the flood of sales beautifully. Artisan estimated that over 550 people saw the exhibition and that individuals are wearing 42 Makeover pieces today.Artisan's curator, Kirsten Fitzpatrick had this to say about Radical Jewellery Makeover, "It was a fantastic project which really engaged the community in a way we had not been able to do before at Artisan, and the outcome was some truly unique work and a very successful exhibition."

Thank you to all the individuals who gave their skills, creativity and finished jewellery to the project as well as names of a few notable volunteers.

Vashti-Sita Bardsley - QCA student
Ann Chadwick - Jeweller / QCA Technician
Amy Cochrane - QCA student
Dan Cox - Jeweller
Leander D'Ambrosia - QCA student
Renata Fojtikova - QCA student
Kylie Gartside - QCA student
Kathleen Hunt - QCA student
Alicia Lane - QCA student
Catherine Large - Jeweller / QCA Faculty
Bibi Locke - QCA student
Andrew Lowrie - QCA student
Shanna Muston - QCA student
Clare Poppi - QCA student
Sue Preston - QCA student
Elizabeth Shaw - Jeweller / QCA Convenor Jewellery and Small Objects
Karah Sinden - QCA student
Katie Stormoth - QCA student
Joan Teo - Jeweller
Kim Thomson - Jeweller
Louisa Thurecht - QCA student
Susie Woodhouse - Jeweller / Faculty
Alex Forrest - Volunteer discount voucher designer
Jacky Owens - Logistics volunteer
Brett – Photographer