Ossa Gaia Artisan Jewelry

Name Kristen Carroll
Email kristen@ossagaia.com
Web http://www.ossagaia.com
 Bellefonte, PA, USA

Inspired by nature, the human spirit and the Divine Feminine, Ossa Gaia pays homage to Mother Earth through hand-forged artisan jewelry created with responsibly sourced metals and gemstones.

Owner Kristen Osborne Carroll is an artist and English instructor. Both passions are evident in her work with Ossia Gaia. In naming her business, which roughly translates to Bones of Mother Earth, Kristen drew on her background in literature and an ancient Greek origin story. Inspired by nature and using responsibly sourced materials, Kristen truly views her work as paying homage to the bones of Mother Earth. She specializes in copper and rough gemstones.

When she’s not working with hammers, pliers and torches, Kristen might be found with a book or a fountain pen in her hands. She also enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, and gardening. A native of Oil City, Pa., Kristen spent more than a decade in Charleston, SC and a year in Aberdeen, Scotland before returning to Pennsylvania in 2012. She lives near State College with her husband and daughter, two furry, four-legged overlords, and an unruly stockpile of loose-leaf tea.

Ossa Gaia is an expression of the artist’s love for and connection to the stones and metals and mythology of Mother Earth. It's a tribute to the imperfect perfection of nature and the mysteries of the Divine Feminine. Kristen's background in medieval literature and language provides plenty of inspiration for her pieces, as do the walks and hikes she takes through forests, along streams, and into her own backyard. 

Kristen works mainly in copper, delighting over swirls and curls and rustic textures. She incorporates gemstones -- always natural/untreated and often raw/rough -- into most of her designs to highlight the complementary and contrasting beauty of the metals and stones. She is currently working on a line of hand-forged copper leaves that will soon find their way into pendants and earrings.

A Green America Certified Green Business, Ossa Gaia takes sustainability and human rights seriously. Every step of the jewelry-making process is completed with the past, present and future of the Earth in mind.

Gemstones are purchased directly from small-scale miners and lapidary artists or from suppliers who can provide details of where and how the gems were mined. The metals in Ossa Gaia's designs are 100% or partially recycled, and/or sustainably mined in the US. They also use vintage metals or remnants when available, and opt for eco-friendly alternatives for processes like pickling and patenting.

In building her metalsmithing arsenal, Kristen seeks out vintage tools and supplies, or purchases from reputable US and European companies that echo the Ossa Gaia’s commitment to sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.  

Ossa Gaia's packaging is made from 100% recycled and reusable materials, and a portion of all profits is donated to environmental charities.