Adel Chefridi

Name Adel Chefridi
Phone 845-684-5185
 Kingston, NY

Adel Chefridi was born in the old city of Tunis, along the Mediterranean coast, where as a youth he enjoyed combing the beaches for ancient mosaic tiles of stone and glass worn by the sea for thousands of years. Adel came to New York in 1998, where he founded his studio. Today, Adel's work is increasingly drawing from his multicultural background, resulting in an attempt to reconcile past and present, with nostalgia and hope.

Adel creates his pieces using natural gemstones and solid precious metals. Pieces are designed both with exact measurements creating an organic symmetry or completely free form, allowing spontaneous approachable shapes later tamed and embellished with texture, light and color. The natural gemstones are added, bringing in light and exquisite color, while blending with form and surface to create a motif that speaks to both the past and the future.

We believe that the world is waking up to the reality that we cannot maintain our current way of living on earth. It is unsustainable to treat everything around us as lifeless resources. Respecting the earth is not just a poetic concept anymore-it is necessary for survival. We simply cannot afford to see ourselves as separate entities living “on” earth rather than being of the earth itself. 

How can we turn this daunting reality into gold? Ultimately, the change will really take shape when we are fully aware of the effects that our daily choices make. We must try to “do no harm” whenever possible. In our studio, we’re doing our best to be aware of the impact of metal mining. We source gold from artisanal mines whenever possible and reduce our footprint through the use of recycled metals.