Diane Dorsey

Name Diane Dorsey
Email info@dianedorsey.com
Web http://www.dianedorsey.com
Address1000 Cordova Place #276
 Santa Fe, NM, 87505, USA

Architect. Painter. Soul seeker.

Diane Dorsey’s aesthetic as a jewelry designer comes from a place of life experience. Reflecting the soaring successes and the thought-provoking twists. Her ability to channel that spirit through noble metals is a testament to her skill as an artisan and her essence as a woman who’s lived.

With a formal education culminating in a BFA in painting and architecture and an MA in Art Education, the work is informed by a technician’s knowledge of form and balance as well as an artist’s eye for scale and patina. Found objects collected on travels around the world with her husband inspired the first pieces and sparked a thirst to learn metalsmithing. “The Raven,” one of the initial creations from this period, remains a coveted signature necklace representing Diane’s love of all creatures great and small.

Diane’s understanding of how all beings interact in this world are what drive her designs. Nature is both modern and pre-historic, it is raw yet elegant. Organic forms that are perfect in their original state – an egg, a staurolite crystal, a four-leaf clover. Shapes that are cross-cultural symbols of communication from nature-made to man-made; labyrinths, petroglyphs or even a raven’s feather.  All are manifest into precious silver and gold jewels.

Her passion to work with respect to the stewardship of the environment spawned Diane’s affiliation with Ethical Metalsmiths. Committed to working exclusively with the rich integrity of recycled 18kt gold and sterling silver, and with ethical, fair-trade gemstones, each piece is a sculpture in miniature. Sensual to the touch, crafted with intention and quintessentially easy to wear. Forms and themes eternally feminine and powerful, expressing Diane's spirit.