dirtypretty artwear

Name Amy Turner Clem
Phone 206.371.6936
Email amy@dirtyprettyartwear.com
Web http://www.dirtyprettyartwear.com
 Alsea, OR, 97324, US

dirtypretty artwear is bold, whimsical jewelry that’s as unconventional and iconic as the women who wear it. Designed to cultivate moments of self expression, dirtypretty is the anthem of your singular beauty. Original designs are hand crafted in steel, iron, sterling silver and gold.

"I’m Amy Turner Clem- a metalsmith, performer and holistic healer.  I strive to make art that allows women to feel strong, captivating, and vibrantly beautiful every day. I believe in following your dreams. In figuring out what you want in life and choosing it. We left the crush of city life for the rustic beauty of remote Alsea, Oregon to build an organic, sustainable homestead, supported solely by our artwork. Leaving everything we knew behind has made each day since an adventure. Frequently a comedy of errors, the emerging benefits of changing our lives are indescribable. Without the constant buzz of urban living, there is a quiet clarity of mind from which we now create.  There is nothing quite like stepping up to the plate and just going for it. I hope that women will feel empowered to do the same every time they wear a piece of my jewelry."

Each piece of artwear is individually created with my own hands, out here in my little RV art studio, nestled deep in the lush forests of Oregon.  I use traditional techniques on unconventional materials, and have a special affinity for steel/iron.  A modern industrial medium, it is an unexpected and uncommon choice for jewelry that allows me to mix the precious with the rustic, the whimsical with the urban, and the swirling with the sleek.  For me that is the essence of dirtypretty- celebrating the fact that we are each totally unique, multifaceted creatures. Being dirtypretty helps us claim the sometimes opposing elements within us, and allows each of us to be simply brilliant. 

When you wear dirtypretty, it is a ritual that connects you to your strength and spirit.  An outlet for your creativity and a symbol of your individual style, wear these talismans when you want to feel bold, beautiful and brave. 

I am committed to choosing alternative materials, using recycled metals, and creating jewelry without fire or harmful chemicals.  All of my pieces are cold forged, hammered by hand, and joined with weaving techniques or handcrafted connections. 

 I voluntarily support the Golden Rules set forth by Earthworks and the No Dirty Gold Campaign.