RxRox Jewelry

Name Robin Halpin
Phone 914-844-6459
Email rxroxjewelry@gmail.com
Web http://www.rxrox.com
 Ponte Vedra, FL, US

Jewelry possesses power and can be used to stimulate our senses in a very profound way. The concept inspired Robin Halpin, the sole designer and creator for RxRox Jewelry, to launch a studio specializing in handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces, wedding rings, and necklaces in precious metals, crystals and gemstones.

Ten years ago, she started a company to sell jewelry through a passion for crystals. Trained in music, Robin began applying her artistic senses to drawing, silversmithing, chasing, and fold forming, and she also apprenticed with a master goldsmith. A transplant from the NYC Metro area, she now lives near Jacksonville, in Northeastern Florida.

Her approach to design is varied, but she likes to let the gemstone lead. Using texturing, casting, forging and hammering, Robin designs with recycled and Fairmined metals and incorporates Fairtrade or other specially selected gemstones with the client always in mind. Combining 18K gold and opal is her favovite.

While learnng about metal craft, Robin began to discover the world of mining and its destructive practices. RxRox joined Ethical Metalsmiths in 2012, resolving to create jewelry with Fairmined gold while helping small artisanal mines and miners build better lives. Her motto is "Good for You, Good for the Earth".

The company is committed to questioning all sources and partnering with communities and businesses that support transparency and ethical practices. Incorporating solar panels, a hybrid car, and her mission to reduce her carbon footprint, RxRox recycles metals, plastic and papers extensively and has reduced chemical usage.

RxRox Jewelry is a sustaining member of National Resource Defense Council. RxRox also supports: Ethical Metalsmiths, Earthworks, Sierra Club, ACLU, Human Rights Watch, PACE for girls, Mission House and other charities.