Baxter Moerman

Name Matthew Baxter and Matthew Moerman
Phone 805-801-9117
Address 1118 Morro Street
 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA

Baxter Moerman is a boutique manufacturer of fine jewelry located on California's Central Coast. Each piece of fine jewelry filling their showcases is created one-by-one using recycled 18K gold and platinum, ethically sourced gemstones, and certified conflict-free diamonds.

Baxter Moerman Jewelry is the working collaboration of two designer goldsmiths, Matthew Moerman and Matthew Baxter. Having worked side by side since 2002, they have a special understanding of each other’s skills and design aesthetic. Baxter and Moerman work together in their quaint studio in Downtown San Luis Obispo, California. Utilizing traditional goldsmithing techniques as well as state of the art CAD modeling, they always strive for the finest quality possible. Baxter Moerman works closely with their customers to fashion bespoke jewelry that reflects their unique style, with local customers or those on the other side of the globe.

Both Matthew Baxter and Matthew Moerman take great enjoyment in outdoor exploration and the natural structures found there. These organic forms heavily inspire their designs and enhance the intrinsic beauty of each piece. From the arrangement of seeds in a tiny pod to the meandering lines of an eroded hillside, inspiration is sparked and the jewelry begins to take form. Baxter and Moerman patiently coax out the best forms from each concept, incorporating their signature finishes to each piece. Hand-engraved surface textures taken from organic materials are an identifying characteristic of Baxter Moerman's jewelry. The resulting jewelry designs are testament to the unique partnership between this inspired design team.

Baxter Moerman is committed to using environmentally friendly processes and materials. They use 100% recycled metals in every piece they cast or fabricate. Diamonds and gemstones are purchased from reputable brokers who supply only certified conflict-free, ethically sourced, recycled and responsibly mined material. Baxter Moerman is constantly evolving their principles and practices to ensure they are treading as lightly as possible upon this Earth, and treating each worker within the jewelry industry with integrity and respect.