Night Fox Jewelry

Name Kate Finley
Phone 307-214-4681
 Wyoming, 82001, USA

Kate Finley’s formal education was in Anthropology and African Studies at Smith College.  Her informal education, encompassing a lifetime of home improvement projects with her parents in their old house, was followed by recreational art classes post-college that led to the discovery of her previously unknown talent and absolute love for metalsmithing.
This discovery was in keeping with Kate’s tendency to realize interesting things at seemingly inopportune times.  Like the time she discovered her debilitating fear of heights while rock climbing at the top of a cliff on Mt. Kenya.  Or the time she forgot to pack pajamas on a trip to the Middle East and had to sleep in a floor length cargo skirt for weeks to preserve her modesty.  Kate says it turns out the best (although certainly not the easiest) way to deal with these discoveries is to give up and embrace them.  “Climb down off the cliff so you don’t have to spend your life having supplies airlifted to your current location.  Take the opportunity to hide midnight snacks in your pajama skirt.  Or quit your day job, start your own business, and hope you figure it out along the way.”

Kate’s love of travel, discovery, and subsequent misadventures translate more easily into daily life than she would have expected.  And nowhere is that more evident than in her studio every single day.  One time she was under a tight deadline to finish an order, got stressed out, sort of melted some pieces, and discovered the art of reticulation—the basis of which forms one of her entire jewelry lines today.
Although much of what she learns is still through trial and error, and sometimes pure serendipity, she continues to take classes from master artisans around the country to expand her skills.  Kate currently resides in her native Wyoming and is a member of CoMA—the Colorado Metalsmithing Association; SNAG—the Society of North American Goldsmiths; and Ethical Metalsmiths—Jewelers for Social and Environmental Responsibility.  

When you buy a piece from Night Fox, you are investing in the idea of you, in the idea that that piece will complement you as an individual, rather than overwhelm you. You are investing in a piece that will bring out and accentuate your best qualities. Your pieces will complement the active and refined lifestyle of a woman who works hard and plays hard.

Night Fox Jewelry is beauty without airs; elegance without pretension.

Night Fox pieces are hand crafted from recycled sterling silver and gold using a variety of techniques--Torch fusion, a method used to connect metal without solder, leaves clean, spatter-free lines; reticulation, where the surface of the metal is heated to melting point and then quickly cooled, creates a flowing and organic texture; and lost wax casting. Satin and high polish finishes combine to create a modern, elegant aesthetic allowing a piece to possess timeless and refined form and style. Including castings, which are never mass produced in the Night Fox Jewelry studio, all pieces are carved or fabricated individually so no two are ever the same.

Night Fox Jewelry uses only recycled precious metals and ethical gems.