East Fourth Street Jewelry

Name Susan Crow
Phone 612.735.1712
Email susan@eastfourthstreet.com
Web http://www.eastfourthstreet.com
AddressNorthfield, Minnesota 55057

“The East Fourth Street eco-jewelry collection is a culmination of design with the core belief that we need to preserve and restore our environment, not take away from it.”

After successfully working as a metalsmith for over 20 years, designer Susan Crow decided to return to school and complete a Sustainable Design certificate program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and through this program, she learned how her trade truly affects the environment. The beautiful outcome of this newfound knowledge and experience is East Fourth Street — Crow's new, sustainable line of luxury handmade jewelry that is created 100% from recycled precious metals and recycled or fair trade gemstones and diamonds. East Fourth Street is also designed and handmade in the U.S. in a low-impact, environmentally conscious studio.

This past year, Susan was invited to debut her 2012 East Fourth Street collection with the GreenShows at the Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. She has been recognized as an American Craft Niche Award winner and was chosen by CBS Minnesota as one of the states' top reclaimed metal artists.

Crow's East Fourth Street work is designed in small series and one-of-a-kind pieces and has stylistically been described as modern with an industrial edge, combining clean lines and geometric patterning. Crow focuses on earrings, pendants bracelets and rings, but also works with customers to create unique commissioned pieces. She offers wedding rings with the option to use newly GIA certified used diamonds instead of newly mined stones to help lower the environmental impact of mining, and through reuse their lifecycle, can be extended indefinitely. Susan either uses recycled gold and silver or reuses customers gold directly whenever possible, which significantly reduces it’s environmental impact associated with recycling metal.

Crow is a member of The Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), Ethical Metalsmiths, MNartists, and Fair Jewelry Action. East Fourth Street Jewelry is available online at eastfourthstreet.com and at select galleries and retail boutiques.

Statement of Values, Principles and Practices

The goal of East Fourth Street is to bring a new kind of luxury jewelry to the industry that is chic, precious and sustainable. This is accomplished by incorporating smart, sustainable design practices, focusing on zero waste and a closed loop system, into the studio's process — from first concept to final development and creation. Carrying these principles through out the business, Crow focuses on offering a clean back-story for all the materials used as well as recycled packaging, eco-friendly printing and biodegradable cleaners.

“East Fourth Street brings you beauty with a conscience, for both men and women in a partnership with our environment.”