Reflective Images

Name Marc Choyt and Helen Chantler
Phone 1.888.733.5238
Address912 Baca Street
 Santa Fe, NM 87505, US

Jewelry is about style and fun, yet it can also be about more than fashion.  Jewelry can represent what is essential in our lives and remind us of beauty and connection.

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Statement from Helen Chantler, Creative Director of Reflective Images Jewelry:

I am a self-taught jeweler without any formal schooling in design and craft. I started out making leather belts in a jewelry shop when I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1986. After a few years, I began to learn from jewelry designers in the same shop. I started Reflective Images Jewelry with my husband, Marc Choyt, in 1995.

I like that jewelry design can extend from the mythic to the personal and the intimate. The relationship to a particular piece can span generations because jewelry marks occasions, holds memories and anchors commitments. Sometimes, jewelry is also just about pure fun. I especially like using gems, a truly incredible gift from the earth-each one with its own personality. Color and sparkle can add so much life to the designing process.

You can learn more about my background and the story of our company.

How We Make Our Jewelry: 

We foster a space for creativity to flourish. We have four jewelers and together we have nearly seventy years of combined skill as makers. Often our customers, jewelers and staff collaborate on the final designs.  

We cast our silver pieces with recycled precious metal. Almost all our solid gold and our gold over silver works are done by hand. To make a piece we use cowhide hammers, handemade iron stamps, and old cottonwood stumps for our platforms holding our anvils that were forged in the 19th century. We continue fabrication techniques reaching back hundreds of years.   

Our Commitment To Ethical Sourcing: 

We have been leaders in Ethical Sourcing for the past ten years, sourcing gems from traceable and transparent supply chains and using recycled metals. After years working with Fairtrade International as their commercial liaison for North America, in spring of 2015 our company became the first Fairtrade Gold Jeweler in the USA.  

Harriet Lamb, CEO of Fairtrade International, noted: "Reflective Images Jewelry has shown great leadership in becoming the first jeweler using Fairtrade gold in the USA. This move in the world's largest jewelry market has the potential to send ripple effects across the globe". Learn more about our Fairtrade Gold here

We also co-founded Fair Jewelry Action, an environmental justice and human rights network and have led a campaign to block a gold mine near our home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learn more about extensive activism and how we give back to our communities.