Andrea Bonelli Jewelry

Name Andrea Bonelli
AddressLas Vegas, NV US

All of my jewelry is hand made by me using recycled and ethically mined Diamonds and Gems. I purchase recycled metals from Hoover & Strong, a leader in recycled and reclaimed metals processing.

I'm a one woman show taking care of every aspect of my business. Everything from marketing, staging, photography, design, metalsmithing, you name it and I do it. I'm self taught in everything that I do artistically through and through (just call me a book hoarder) and I feel for me this is the best way to learn things at my own pace while creating pieces that mirror my artistic vision. Because of this my jewelry is always in a constant state of evolution.

I create organic and modern jewelry using recycled metals and ethically mined gems and diamonds. My jewelry is meant to be worn by people that love handmade and what it stands for. Pieces that are given deliberate intention to make the wearer feel good knowing that they're not only wearing something lovingly handmade but also made by a jeweler that makes their pieces from Earth friendly methods and sources.

It is my mission to make people aware of how the mining of unethical Diamond and Gemstones can impact the people and the land.