McFarland Designs

Name Tamara McFarland
Phone 707-633-6340
AddressBayside, California 95524, US

McFarland Designs is your source for handmade custom jewelry in alignment with your values. I use recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones to create wearable works of art that you can truly cherish, confident that their creation did not exploit workers or the environment. Specializing in sustainable, eco-friendly wedding rings.

I'm a small-town girl with a big-time need to create. I live in rural Humboldt County, California, with my family - my husband of 14 years, our 5-year-old son, and our menagerie of rescued critters - dogs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and turkeys. I have been making jewelry for about five years, and am largely self-taught through a lot of experimentation and practice. I am endlessly fascinated with the beauty and variety of gemstones available to us here on Earth and strive through my work to create simple, timeless pieces that allow the stones’ true beauty to take center stage.

I combine recycled metals (primarily gold and silver) and ethically sourced stones in simple, wearable bezel settings to create designs that are highly wearable and will stand the test of time. I enjoy working with lab-created gemstones, stones mined in the US, and fair trade stones. Most of my work is commissioned (mostly wedding rings), and I work a lot with moissanite; other popular stones include sapphire and tourmaline.

In all that I do, I strive to minimize harm to people, animals, and the environment, and to leave the world a better place than I found it. In my personal life, this philosophy guides my choices about food, clothing, and entertainment, and of course it extends to my work as well. I use 100% recycled Harmony Metals and ethically sourced stones in all of my designs. Wherever possible, I make decisions in my studio that take into account the environment and my commitment to conservation and animal rights. Each month, I donate 5% of my gross sales to charity. I consider this to be a way to bring more meaning to my work, and to the jewelry I sell.