Retailer Directory

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Listed jewelry retailers have agreed committed to the following points:

    Demanding social and environmental responsibility in mining practices;
  • Pursuing business practices that reflect efforts to reduce the harmful impact on the environment;
  • Actively seeking materials that are responsibly sourced;
  • Encouraging suppliers to make responsible materials available for studio jewelers;
  • Maintaining supply chain transparency for jewelry materials and supplies, and for marketing materials;
  • Providing leadership for responsible jewelry business ; and
  • Having an ethical practices policy statement on my website.

And endeavor to:

  • Influence current industry policy standards through advocacy;
  • Incorporate this advocacy into my marketing materials;
  • Guarantee that a current and continually growing percentage of my materials sold are responsibly sourced and/or a current and continually growing percentage of the products I sell come from responsibly sourced jewelers/artists; and
  • Seek ways to incorporate responsible sourcing into my overall brand message.