Jeweler Directory

Ethical Metalsmith’s Jeweler Directory was created to introduce consumers to the growing number of jewelers who are informed and committed to social and environmental responsibility. Jewelers in the Directory support ethical mining, demand supply chain accountability and operate their studios with “green” practices. They endeavor to source their materials in the most responsible manner, are transparent in their practices and include a Values, Principles and Practices Statement on their website.


Aide-Memoire (Aran Galligan) - Seattle, WA


Bario-Neal (Anna Bario and Page Neal) - Philadelphia, PA and New York, NY

Baxter Moerman (Matthew Baxter and Matthew Moerman) - San Luis Obispo, CA

Andrea Bonelli Jewelry - Las Vegas, NV


Ossa Gaia Artisan Jewelry (Kristen Carroll) - Bellefonte, PA

Chandally Jewelry - New York, NY

Chefridi, Adel - Kingston, NY

Crown Nine Jewelry - Oakland, CA

Craig, Gabriel - Ferndale, MI 


Dawes Design (Jennifer Dawes) - Santa Rosa, CA

Decker, Ute - London, United Kingdom

dirtypretty artwear - Alsea, OR

Dorsey, Diane - Santa Fe, NM


East Fourth Street (Susan Crow) - Northfield, MN

Claudia Endler Designs - Los Angeles, CA


Giles, Geoffrey - Asheville, NC

Grady, Rebecca Mir - Chicago, IL


Hart, Alexandra - San Diego, CA

Hughes, Sophie - Boston, MA


Kara | Daniel Jewelry - Kalamazoo, MI

Kasinskas, Valerie (VK Designs) - Portland, OR


Lane, Stacey - Penland, NC


McCauley, Susan - Chappaqua, NY

McFarland Designs (Tamara McFarland) - Bayside, CA

Sarah McGuire Studio - Chicago, IL


Nelson, Chris - Pagosa Springs, CO

Niccolo Bella (Jorge Arrieta) - Nashville, TN

Night Fox Jewelry (Kate Finley) - Cheyenne, WY


Ramsey, Karen Olsen (Ramsey Studios) - Grass Valley, CA

Reflective Images Jewelry (Marc Choyt and Helen Chantler) - Santa Fe, NM

RxRox Jewelry (Robin Halpin) - Ponte Verda, FL


Schmidt Studio (Ken Schmidt) - Orland Park, IL


TAP by Todd Pownell - Cleveland, OH


Utopian Creations (Ben Manning) - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


A listing in Ethical Metalsmiths Directory is not an endorsement of the jeweler's designs, skills, studio, business or material sourcing practices. Ethical Metalsmiths will make every effort to verify information provided by jewelers, but is not able to provide on site verification. However, jewelers who deliberately provide misinformation or engage in deceptive or unethical practices will be removed. All transactions must be negotiated directly with the jeweler. Ethical Metalsmiths is not responsible for outcomes.