How to join the Jeweler Directory

Who should join?

  • Are you a professional jeweler, metalsmith, silversmith, goldsmith, studio jeweler, artisan or craftsperson?
  • Do you have your own domain name and web site? (It could be your name or the name of your business.)
  • Do you have an ethical practices policy statement on your website?
  • Are you concerned about the sources of the precious materials you use?
  • Do you actively seek materials that are responsibly sourced?
  • Do your studio practices reflect efforts to reduce impact on the environment?
  • Are you committed to social and environmental responsibility in mining?
  • Is your business consistent with the Ethical Foundations section of the directory?


PLEASE PREPARE ALL RESPONSES IN THIRD PERSON. This improves the recognizition of your listing in online searches.

1. Write a short business description. It should be one or two sentences and no more than 50 words.

2.  Tell your story! Paste in your artist statement or write one. Write as if you were talking with someone. What is your inspiration? How long have you been making jewelry? What do you like about the craft? What are your preferred materials or techniques? What is your training or experience? Do you sell at craft shows? Do you teach? Describe where you live. Describe your studio. (150 words or less)

 3.  Describe your work. This is your chance to write an ad. (Think like Don Draper ...or Peggy Olson.) Describe your jewelry in a way that will attract people to your website. Can you name your “style” or design references? What are your primary materials and techniques? Do you make wedding rings or bridal jewelry? Do you recycle gold? Do you take commissions? Try to incorporate key words that describe materials, processes and types of jewelry such as gold, diamonds, silver, necklaces, mokume,  holloware, forged, enamel or engraved. (150 words or less)

4. As a jeweler, what are the ethical foundations of your business?  Describe your approach to social and environmental responsibility? You can use the same Statement of Values and Principles that is on your website. (150 words or less)

5. You will have one image of your jewelry associated with the listing. Make it a good one!
Please follow directions for sizing and naming your JPG image:
508 Wide x 381 High, resolution 72 dpi, D_lastname_firstname.jpg

It is highly recommended that you write,  revise and proofread your responses in a word processor. Then, go to the sign-on page and paste your information into the form. All fields must be completed. If there is information that you do not want posted online, put a * at the end.

Upload image


By hitting submit you understand and agree to the terms and conditions:

For Jewelers:
The Jeweler Directory is premier benefit to Ethical Metalsmiths Professional Level memebers requiring an application process including committee review. Once jewelers are listed Ethical Metalsmiths will announce successful applicants and will market the overall Directory to consumers on an ongoing basis. Each jeweler listing will include a page with an image of your work, the information provided on your form and a link to your website. Jewelers agree to update Ethical Metalsmiths if there are changes in their business status or contact information. Jewelers who provide misinformation or engage in deceptive or unethical practices will be removed without refund.
For Consumers:
A listing in Ethical Metalsmiths Directory is not an endorsement of the jeweler's designs, skills, studio, business or material sourcing practices. Ethical Metalsmiths will make every effort to verify information provided by jewelers, but is not able to provide on site verification. However, jewelers who deliberately provide misinformation or engage in deceptive or unethical practices will be removed. All transactions must be negotiated directly with the jeweler. Ethical Metalsmiths is not responsible for outcomes.


Professional level members are eligible to apply to the Jeweler Directory. Professional level membership is $250 per year. There is also a one-time set up fee of $50. The directory is tax deductible as a business expense or as a $200 donation to Ethical Metalsmiths (a 501c3) non-profit organization.


Your listing will appear within two weeks after it is complete. You will be notified by email when it is posted. You will receive a jpg of the "green j" as well as the Ethical Metalsmiths digital sticker to use on your website and in promotional materials. Please honor the reciprocal nature of this initiative by posting the logo and link on your website.

Please email us at mail[at]ethicalmetalsmiths[dot]org if you have additional questions.

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