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The Pledge: Ethical Metalsmiths guides jewelers, retailers, vendors, schools and consumers toward workable, long-range methods, enacted via a personal pledge and the honor code, in business/studio operations in the following areas:  Social Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility, Management, Working Conditions / Labor rights, Supply Chain Transparency, Health Safety Environment, and Manufacturing.

Listed jewelry retailers are committed to:

    Demanding social and environmental responsibility in mining practices;
  • Pursuing business practices that reflect efforts to reduce the harmful impact on the environment;
  • Actively seeking materials that are responsibly sourced;
  • Encouraging suppliers to make responsible materials available for studio jewelers;
  • Maintaining supply chain transparency for jewelry materials and supplies, and for marketing materials;
  • Providing leadership for responsible jewelry business ; and
  • Having an ethical practices policy statement on my website.

And endeavor to:

  • Influence current industry policy standards through advocacy;
  • Incorporate this advocacy into my marketing materials;
  • Guarantee that a current and continually growing percentage of my materials sold are responsibly sourced and/or a current and continually growing percentage of the products I sell come from responsibly sourced jewelers/artists; and
  • Seek ways to incorporate responsible sourcing into my overall brand message.

All Jewelry Retailers have been vetted by Ethical Metalsmiths. Retailers must carry jewelry by at least one Ethical Metalsmiths member, provide outside references at time of appication and are encouraged to make their pledge commitments public.

Jeweler Directory - About


This Jeweler directory is unique. There are a number of web based “jewelry directories” but they do not identify jewelers who are committed to ethical sourcing and practices. There are several “green” and “fair trade” directories that include jewelry, but the terms “sustainable,” “green,” “Fair Trade,” “eco”  or “responsible” are ambiguous.

The Ethical Metalsmiths Jeweler Directory is different. Jewelers must be committed to social and environmental responsibility. They must have an Ethical Policy statement on their website and agree to transparency in material sourcing and in their studio practices. They will be signers of the Golden Rules, “No Dirty Gold’s” campaign set of human rights, social and environmental criteria for the responsible mining of precious metals. Individual listings will include an image,  a statement about their work and experience and a link to their website. The purpose of the Directory is to:

    •    Connect people with responsibly sourced materials
    •    Promote ethical sourcing
    •    Provide alternatives to brand name, manufactured jewelry products
    •    Present the option of working with an artisan
    •    Increase accessibility to jewelers who support social and environmental responsibility
    •    Encourage the sales of responsibly sourced, handmade jewelry to a wide audience
    •    Provide the opportunity "buy local"